The creators of Alpha Bandits, left to right, Jeremy Fifier, Matthew Rivaldi and Robb Earnest.

About Wiggity Bang Games

Almost ten years after creating the original Quelf board game, Wiggity Bang Games (WBG) had some soul searching to do. On a mission to respark the spirit of their first epic game, the team set out on a journey that ultimately brought them to a small cave nestled in the shady hillside of Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland.

With watery eyes and six arms flailing about, the quest was made complete when they rediscovered the meaning of laughter. And, just as expected, it took the form of an ancient box of letter tiles strapped to the back of a miniature billy goat. Those letter tiles and the other contents of that sacred box ultimately became the basis of the next three games that co-conspirators Jeremy, Robb and Matthew are destined to unleash upon the brows of gamers worldwide.

We've come a long way in the past ten years and looking forward to many more good years ahead! The first of many games to come is being launched here as ALPHA BANDITS. The next games will undoubtedly feature miniature billy goats or "gnome removal", hopefully both (we are still working out the details).

Jeremy Fifer (designer): Jeremy's days are filled with programming in various languages, designing ridiculous games, happily writing and purveying all things creative. But it's when he's helping others bring their creative ideas to fruition that he's truly inspired. Jeremy lives in sunny (freezing) Manchester, New Hampshire, with his wife Tiffany, two teenaged hobbits Ben and Maddy, and a very mysterious pet alien (in the form of a cat), Snax.

Robb Earnest (designer): In college Robb got his first taste of celebrity booking concerts for some of the biggest names in music, including Sheryl Crow, Beck, No Doubt, Rage against the Machine and many more. After graduation he switched gears to work in the film industry. Some of his film credits include Fightclub, Mulholland Drive, What Women Want, Ali, Jackass the Movie, Team America, Contagion and Magic Mike. Robb truly enjoys his day job, but nothing compares to the joy he gets thinking of people laughing so hard that milk shoots out their nose while playing a game he created. Robb makes his home in L.A., along with his lovely wife Marcia and sons, Owen and Tyler.

Matthew Rivald (designer, illustrator, company rep): If you are receiving  messages or updates from Wiggity Bang, it's likely coming from Matthew. A native of San Diego, Matthew earned an undergrad degree from U.C. San Diego and an MBA from San Diego State. When he's not designing and illustrating games,  he's teaching business classes at Miramar and Southwestern College. Matthew is happily married to the lovely Jean and the proud papa of his two boys Jack and Alex, who bring him joy, happiness, and, sometimes if he's lucky, chocolate chip cookies.