Playing ALPHA BANDITS is as simple as grabbing a friend (or three) and enjoying the power of 'anagramming', along with a healthy cup of deviousness!

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Play with 2-4 players using one color set of tiles. Add a set of white tiles to play up to 8 players!

BASIC PLAY: Score positive points by forming words of 3 or more letters (each letter and Gemstone in play is worth 1 point each). Get negative points for unused letters or for words of 2 or less. Points are added up at the end of each round, with the winner of the game receiving the most points after four rounds of play.

ADVANCED PLAY: Players may elect to advance to higher levels of play by using the colors on each side to double a word score, by forming words in designated categories or by using a random game timer.

Watch a full game of ALPHA BANDITS in 3 minutes:

How To Play ALPHA BANDITS from creators Matthew Rivaldi and Robb Earnest